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Portsmouth - Gatwick airport - Riga - Helsinki - Seinäjoki

After almost ~20 hours of travelling yesterday, I arrived home! Whole journey went smoother than expected, meaning I didn’t miss train or flight, neither plane didn’t crash, and my suitcase didn’t get lost. That was nice. Temperature drop from England’s 15 degrees to Finland’s 0 degree was not nice though.

Overall I had awesome 9 full days in UK and could have stayed longer! 

(btw picked up my computer from repair today - works like a charm now!)

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2 days in London well spent, mostly strolling along Thames and walking through streets of Belgravia and Soho. Yesterday traveled to Portsmouth where spending rest of my holiday. Yay England!pl

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Interesting few days; yesterday my computer stopped working properly, and today one of my cars’ tire broke. Poof. Well my computer’s in repair now, but I tomorrow I’m off to England so I’ll have to deal with broken tire after I get back.

Sure hope that’s all for my share of bad luck for this week.

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Tää meni tunteisiin

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This is it. This is the most accurate review of A Feast For Crows. The whole book in one review.

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Pitäisi raporttia kirjoittaa mutta bs generator ei millään lähde käyntiin 



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dispel said: Heh, varta vasten katoin sen videon et bongaisin sut!

tänks Katja. katsoit siis neljän minuutin videon ihan vaan nähdäksesi minut sekunnin ajan. :D

Kyllä. You’re welcome :D