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So if anyone of my followers has Goodreads profile, go ahead and add me!

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Summer is coming

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Justin Timberlake makes an unlikely friend

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Salmiakki with milk chocolate topping = ♥

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just precisely how bad was 1500s jerusalem at making maps, you ask? well,


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Putting aside though-ass legendary ships, I finished Black Flag yesterday. Keeping it simple, I’ll give the game 4,5/5. Wide world, lot to explore, nice plot.


Problem at this point is that everything is getting little old. This is the 6th game in the series I have played. At the moment it’s so tiresome to do same kind of missions from game to game. Of course, sailing around Caribbean sea brought something new and it was great. But instead of always just bringing new things, why not renew some thing that are already there? For example the battle system’s been pretty much the same since the first game. 

Anyways, Black Flag was definitely one of the best in the series. Now heading to new adventures, since I accidentally bought Freedom Cry DLC. Oops.

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Those legendary ships in Black Flag are real pain to beat!! Goddamnit, I tried almost 10 times to sink one, but had to leave empty handed

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remember when Rabbit made a decorative and functional wall piece out of Pooh’s ass?

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